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We can thrive together if we support each other.

The People's Budget

The NC state legislature has failed to pass a state budget for over a year. As they start the 2021 legislative session, over $7.3 billion that could be spent RIGHT NOW sits untouched in the bank. And that number just goes up every day. That is the people’s money. With the devastating effects of COVID-19 on our communities, it is critical that the unreserved funds be used to address the needs of the people for survival now and thriving beyond. Healthcare, housing, and workers’ rights are the foundation of a People’s Budget.

The most vulnerable communities are the ones suffering the most from the delays at the state legislature–working and poor people, Black people, people of color, LGBTQ people, disabled people, elderly people, youth and students, parents, migrants and refugees, incarcerated people, the homeless, veterans, and women. We demand that the North Carolina General Assembly use the more than $5 billion in unreserved funds to give our communities healthcare, housing, and worker protections. These funds must be released in line with the needs of our communities, using racial equity as a guiding principle in decision-making.

Add your name to the People's Budget petition!

Mutual Aid in Asheville

Plug into ongoing community mutual aid efforts!

BeLoved Asheville is focused on getting food and supplies to the most marginalized members of the Asheville community  




Asheville Mutual Aid Connection is a community database and automated text message/email-based platform that will connect folks seeking resources & support with folks who can offer them. If you would like to offer or request support, visit their website.


WNC Mutual Aid Network designed a site to organize community preparedness and recovery in Asheville.

Asheville Survival Program is a facebook page for information and resource sharing.

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