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Climate Emergency Declaration

Sunrise Movement Asheville knows that we need to take immediate action to address the climate crisis. In August 2019, we began asking The City to declare a Climate Emergency and pass a resolution that would initiate the planning process for a municipal Green New Deal. We collaborated with SACEE and city representatives, creating a resolution that outlines Asheville's plan to address the crisis. It includes a 2030 timeline for ending citywide GHG emissions, a structure for accessible public information hearings and listening sessions, acknowledgement of the unequal harm that climate change and government apathy impose on communities of color, and a commitment to calling upon the state and federal government to join in taking immediate action to address the climate crisis and give us a chance for a dignified future. We were happy when the climate emergency resolution was unanimously passed by city council in January 2020, but we know that this is just the beginning and we will continue showing up to fight for progress!

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