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Candidate Endorsements

I am excited to announce that Sunrise Asheville has voted to endorse Kim Roney and Nicole Townsend for City Council, and Ben Scales for North Carolina Senate District 49!

Kim Roney and Nicole Townsend are deeply committed to this community, and have pledged to use their seats to pursue a local Green New Deal. They understand that climate change can only be addressed through a lens of racial, social and economic justice. Their joint campaign is a strong indication that they know that the work we have to do can only be done together, and that we must lift each other up and collaborate in order to address the climate crisis.

Ben Scales is a committed progressive and a longtime voice for Asheville's marginalized and under-represented communities. Scales is committed to using his office to champion proposals like the Green New Deal, universal health care, free fully funded education, and electoral, criminal justice, and immigration enforcement reform.

In order to win a federal Green New Deal and make the massive societal transformations we need, we absolutely have to elect leaders at all levels of government who will stand up for our future and well-being. These candidates are local Green New Deal champions, and we are so excited to support their campaigns in these critical weeks before the March 3rd Primary! Please sign up to volunteer and support their campaigns. 

If you aren't registered to vote, you can register at any polling place during early voting (but not on the day of the primary) and you can vote at any location!

Click here for early voting locations and hours. In solidarity,

Alex and the Sunrise Asheville Team

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